What is 3G Wig?---The Latest Fashionable

What is 3G Wig?---The Latest Fashionable

In order to enhance the experience of customers when wearing wigs and cater to customer needs, Arabella Hair launched a new upgrade wig---3rd-Generation Wigs.

We combine state-of-the-art technology with exquisite craftsmanship. Experience the essence of Orginal Ecology as we prioritize eco-friendly materials that promote sustainability. Achieve a More Natural look with our wigs, designed to provide a Second-skin Feel for unparalleled comfort.

What is 3G Wig?

Our advanced construction ensures a More Comfortable wearing experience, with enhanced Breathability for a healthier scalp. Discover the convenience of our More Convenient features, including the 3D Dome cap and Pre-cut Lace for easy installation.

Say goodbye to visible knots with our bleached knots technique, and enjoy a seamless hairline with Pre-plucked Clean Hairline design. Our Real lnvisible HD Lace creates a flawless and undetectable blend. Install your wig in a matter of seconds with our innovative 30s Install Wear and Go feature.

Explore our collection and embrace the future of wig craftsmanship. Experience the beauty, comfort, and convenience that our upgraded wigs have to offer.


New technology, new fashion. Arabella Hair Exclusive Research! Come and try it out! Looking forward to your feedback. For any questions about 3G Wig, please feel free to contact us.




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