How Do I Distinguish Real Human Hair Wigs From Synthetic Ones?

How Do I Distinguish Real Human Hair Wigs From Synthetic Ones?

The characteristics of synthetic hair wigs

Because it is made of chemical fiber plastic, it will look very bright. 

If it is long hair, then the top of the wig will be very fit, very rigid, because the chemical fiber hair is slightly heavier and slightly harder. 

Price: The price of synthetic wigs will not be too expensive, the price is in $10 to $100 each piece. (If you are curious about synthetic hairs, you can buy one and check if it’s real.) 

The characteristics of human hair wigs

Then Let's talk about the source and characteristics of real human hair wigs. 

Real hair wigs are the human hairs collected from all over the world including China, Vietnam, Malaysia and some other southeast countries. 


Real human hair is also divided into many grades, such as the hair of young children, which will not be too soft nor too hard, so this kind of hair quality is very good. 

While as many adults usually perm and dye their hairs, so that the hairs are usually destroyed very easily, and the hair quality will be harder and frizzier (but it will become soft and smooth again after entering the factory process). 

Price: The price of real hair will be more expensive, especially high-quality wigs. Like real hair wig for men, it will be calculated according to the cap area.

Women wigs' price will be surely increased according to the wigs' length(the longer the wig is, the more it will be expensive). The price is in $150 to $1,000. 

Domestic factories often collect real human hair from neighboring countries, such as Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, North Korea, etc. 

Because foreign hair is generally well maintained, and basically  need not to be soften or processed again, which will save a lot of time and material costs. 


Testing method: distinguish whether it's a real one or not

Take a look at your wig first, hold it and estimate its weight(I believe you guys who did the second step can already distinguish). 

If you still cannot tell, act it cool, pull out one or two pieces of hair, and try it with a lighter. PS: don't pull them with too much strength, or maybe you will be distressed of your action. 

Synthetic wigs are made of chemical fibers, when you light it, there will be a strong smell of plastic burning. 

Real human hair will turn to ash immediately when burned. If it smells like burnt pig hair, then you bought it right!  

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