What Are Things That You Only Learn After Using A Wig?

What Are Things That You Only Learn After Using A Wig?

First of all, of course, it is knowing that you will become more beautiful and handsome! Hair is a powerful tool to enhance your original appearences. 

As the saying goes, a good hairstyle is better than plastic surgery, and there is a reason for it. 

Especially with the recent popularity of French style, millennial style, dreamy style, and so on, each style adds a lot of charisma to the overall look. Many people also secretly wear wigs to look good on camera. 

However, the secret to adding attractivness to the look through wearing wigs is to find a wig that mostly suits you. 

If your own hair is still sufficient, but only a certain area is sparse, you can choose to use hair extensions. 

Depending on the location you want to fill, the desired effect, the frequency of use, the environment you will be in and your budget, etc., you can choose the appropriate product. 

While if your own hair is really sparse, then you need to wear a wig. 

Secondly, after using a wig, you will realize that a wig is just a wig and there is a difference between wigs and the hair that grows on your own head. This mainly refers to the final effect and the techniques used. 

If you want to buy a wig that looks exactly like your own hair and can be styled and tied up just like your own hair, it is impossible. 

The authenticity of a wig depends on the craftsmanship, hair quality, and how you wear it. If you want it to look real, you need to modify the areas where it looks not that real. 

Again, after buying wigs multiple times, you will gradually understand that each wig has its own advantages and disadvantages. Currently, there is no perfect product on the market. 

We need to understand the effect we most want to achieve and whether we are willing to tolerate the product's shortcomings for that effect. 

If you are basically satisfied with the advantages of a product and can overlook its disadvantages, then this product is "perfect" for you~ 


Finally, after using a wig for a period of time, you will find that no matter how good the hair quality is, it will gradually fade during later use. 

The better is the hair quality, the later it gets falling or drying. 

Because wigs are not nourished by the hair roots, later maintenance can only rely on hair conditioners, essential oils, hair masks and other products to supplement external nutrition, in order to make the wig last longer. 

For example, for users who wear wigs every day and buy the best braided hair, they generally replace them with new ones within two years. 

Because in the later period, it is not that the hair cannot be used, but many of them have already deteriorated and rotted internally. 

Therefore, although many merchants claim that their wigs can last for eight or ten years more, but think! It is not reasonable apparently. 

Wigs are like clothes. No matter how good the quality of clothes is, they cannot be worn for eight or ten years if worn every day. 

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