Should I Wash My New Wig Before Wearing It?

Should I Wash My New Wig Before Wearing It?

Many girls treat hair wigs as items helping them solve the hair loss problem and improve their appearance, which are the reasons why wigs are more and more popular nowadays. There is a question for you: do you wash your wig before you wear it? If you do, then how do you wash a new wig? Many girls have the same confusion, and we will give you answers about them in this blog.

Should I Wash My Human Hair Wig Before Wearing It?

The answer is YES! Actually, the wig“straight out of the box” look is not natural enough. The producers often use a kind of conditioner that coats the hair to preserve the style and retain moisture while it’s stocked and during shipment. And someone thinks the new wig is totally clean, but it is an illusion. Therefore, to get the best results, you should wash your human hair wig before you wear it.

Why Should You Wash Your Wig Before Wearing It?

We have made a brief introduction to why you should wash your new wig before putting on it. And we will give the specific reasons in the following.

1. Make Your New Wig Clean

Many people think that wigs only need to be cleaned after wearing them for many days and ignore cleaning your new wig before wearing it. Because producing a wig goes through a lot of complicated processes, and many chemicals are added to make your wig maintain its shape.

Other than that, you have no way of knowing what the wig will go through in transit. So in order to make sure your wig is completely clean without causing damage to your scalp and skin, we recommend that you wash your wig before putting it on.

2. Remove The Smells

You may find that your new wig seems to have some residual smell. This is the smell of chemicals in the production process, and after the wig is made, the manufacturer also sprays some moisturizer, which will also leave some smell on the wig. Some people don't like these smells, so you need to wash them to remove these strange smells.

3. Get A Natural Hair Look

Generally speaking, the look of a new wig is not natural enough. People tend to use some styling tools to get a more natural hair look after wearing a wig. In the production process, to prevent the wig from deforming, the producer will apply a protective agent on the surface of hair strands, which will make your wig more difficult to restyle. Therefore, to get the most natural hairstyle, you need to wash your wig when you get it.

How Do You Wash A New Wig?

Now you have known that a new wig should be cleaned before wearing. Then, how to wash it? Here are the steps for you.

1. Brush Your Gently

Before you wash your new wig, use a wide-tooth comb to remove the tangles first to avoid hairs from being more tangled. And if you have a curly hair wig, you‘d better comb it with your fingers gently rather than tearing at them with a comb.

2. Wash Your Wig With Cold Or Lukewarm Water

Put your wig into a sink full of water. Add cold or lukewarm water instead of hot water, because the heat will damage your hair strands. Then add a tablespoon of your wig shampoo into the warm water and mix it.

3. Wash Your Wig

Place your hands inside the cap and turn your wig inside out. Then dip your wig into the sink and swirl the wig around gently. Leave the wig in the water with shampoo for 5 minutes and then take your wig out. Next, rinse your wig with cold water until the water runs clear. Make sure that there is no residual shampoo, otherwise, it will be a burden on your wig and damage the hairs.

4. Apply Wig Conditioner

Apply your wig conditioners on the wig and run it through with your fingers to make the conditioners evenly. Leave the conditioners on your wig for 2 minutes, and then rinse it out with cold water.

5. Dry your wig

After washing your wig, use a towel to wrap the wig and press it to remove the excess water. Never rub the wig with a towel, because it will make your hair very messy and coarse. You will never want your new wig to be like that. Then put it on a wig stand and dry it in the air naturally.


In a word, washing your wig before wearing it is very essential. It can make your wig easier to be styled and give you a clean wig. And we have listed the steps about how to wash your new wig. Do you have some tips about dealing with your wig? Welcome to share with us in the comment section.





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