2023 Fall Color Wigs Trends

2023 Fall Color Wigs Trends

Fall season is coming, are you ready for new fall color wigs to embrace the new season?

Match your new makeup with new hair color for this Fall season. What wig color suits best for this autumn? Except for highlight honey blonde and brown, try low-key burgundy, reddish brown, ginger, ash blonde and more in 2023 Fall to lighten up your makeup.

New In Fall Color Glueless Wig

Recently, we have put forward some hair colors and hairstyles - new in hd lace wear go glueless wigs for Fall 2023 that are suitable for brighten your skin tone in autumn. Each style are suits for women with various skin colors and personalities.

2023 Fall Color Wig Trend: Reddish Brown Color

Reddish Brown color, also can be called copper glow, a low-key rich hair color. The reddish effect of the hair color can lighten up your skin, add more elegant, energy and romantic to the new Fall season. It has not only one color, there’s a balance of the two hues, you can achieve a rich red brown hair.

No.1 #33 Red Reddish Brown Auburn Straight Wig

Among all those Autumn wig colors, this hair shades needs the most attention. This straight reddish brown wig is a low key hair color which looks very adorable and attractive to wear.

No.2 Appealing Body Wave Reddish Brown Color

Body wave reddish brown color wig add more feminine and appealing to your overall appearance.


2023 Fall Color Wig Trend: Burgundy Color

Burgundy hair color is the classic color of Fall. Burgundy color wig is a low-key hair color, looks very elegant, rich and stunning. You can wear a burgundy color wig for official occasion, wedding, or everyday wear.

No.3 Elegant 99J Burgundy Red Body Wave

The 99J burgundy hair color looks great and perfect for Autumn season. The hair color looks great in body wave wavy curls. Looks more elegant and feminine.

2023 Fall Color Wig Trend: Highlights

Honey Blonde Highlight is a popular hair color all the time. Warm honey blonde on dark brown is a great way to maintain vibrance and adding richness to your hair. Hair color is the soul to your hairstyle. Add some brightness and warmth to your hair color on Fall 2023.

No.4 Deep Wave Honey Blonde Piano Highlights Color

I love this honey blonde highlight in Deep Wave Curly style. This hairstyle looks gorgeous and welcomed by many customers. The highlights add dimension to the hairstyle.

No.5 Highlight Body Wave #30 Colored

Those highlights color makes your body wave hair looks more vibrance and attractive.

No.6 Kinky P4/27 Highlights Ombre Honey Blonde

Is this Kinky highlights looks fabulous? I like this one. The kinky curly style is full of texture and volume. 

No.7 Body Wave Wig Piano Highlights 

This body wave style looks full of volume but not frizzy.I like the honey blonde highlights wig in this style, attractive and organized.

Which fall color wigs do you like most? Which hair colors do you think is more suits for Autumn season? Post comments below to let me know. For more stylish hairstyles, feel free to contact us!

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